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Our Favorite December Creation!

This is a picture of William trying out his zip line for Mountain Madness! He used the cups and clothespins to carry his explorer over the long distance. He also created an airplane and other cool things! We love this creativity!

Winner of Most Creative!

This is Henry’s (Houston, TX) creation for the Board Game Brainiac activity in our December Box! It is called “2 Reindeer,” and the object of the game is to be the first one to get two reindeer off the ground and flying to help Santa on Christmas Eve. The reindeer must first earn 100% magic corn to be ready to fly. What a great idea!

Winner of Most Elaborate!

This girl, from Houston, TX, created something amazing for our Winter Wonderland activity! She made an ice skating rink with a cotton candy booth. We love how she added the cotton candy booth for extra elaboration!

Winner of Most Functional!

Mrs. Smith submitted her granddaughters’ creation for Blizzard Beater! We were very impressed by their use of the cardboard and Popsicle sticks for extra protection. Maybe this could actually survive a blizzard! Great job!

This is another one of Henry’s creations for the Mountain Madness activity! He also created a zip line to help the explorers cross between mountains. We love the creation of the mountain to help the explorers get higher ground! This is great problem-solving!

This is where we will post our favorite creations for every activity of each month’s box! At the end of the month, we will choose the creations that are the most creative, functional, and elaborate. These, along with our choice of favorite creation, will receive discounts, boxes, and other rewards! You can enter into this competition by posting a picture of your child’s creation, tagging Bamboo Boxes, and using the hashtag #Bambooboxes. Or, you can simply email us a picture of the creation to be entered. Check above to see the winners of previous months!