About Us

Our mission is to provide a monthly subscription box designed to grow a child’s creative and critical thinking skills through engaging, hands-on learning. Through the IncubatorEDU program, which is a two-year entrepreneurial program at Vandegrift High School, Bamboo Boxes, LLC was created by a team of 4 students. After a long process of ideation and market testing of other ideas, the team found an idea that fits their goal: helping others.

Keeton Field, Chief Executive Officer

Keeton is a senior at Vandegrift High School and will be graduating in May. He has a love for family, friends, sports, the outdoors, and business. He has run a successful e-commerce consignment store called “Sell-Some-Swag” in his community. He hopes to attend business school and eventually obtain an MBA and JD. Along with being a successful business man, he hopes to follow his father’s footsteps in politics.

Aditi Rao, Chief Operations Officer

Aditi is currently a freshman at George Washington University at D.C. and will obtain a business undergraduate degree. In high school, she was a DECA officer and knows how to properly organize businesses. She is a vital aspect to the Bamboo team when it comes to pitching and planning ahead. Aditi is also great at opening up to parents about our business and is very comfortable talking to anyone about what we do at Bamboo.

George Young, Chief Creation Officer

George is our Chief Creation Officer and is a freshman at the University of St. Andrews all the way in Scotland! He is studying business with a focus in technology. Although he is 6 hours ahead, he is dedicated to helping write the descriptions for all of our activities. He is also amazing with editing videos and creates graphics for our social media.

Vanessa Zon, Chief Design Officer

Vanessa is a senior at Vandegrift High School and will be graduating in May of 2020. She has not decided her major yet, but she wants to work her way up to becoming a football coach. She is on the lacrosse team at Vandegrift and is also a manager on the Vandegrift Football team. She is great with design, including the cards and website, as well as creating promotional material and our original website demos.

Eesha Patel, Director of Creative Marketing

Eesha is a senior at Vandegrift High School and will be graduating in May 2020. After high school, she plans on getting an undergraduate degree in business administration before attending law school. Other business experience includes being part of Vandegrift’s DECA chapter for almost four years now, serving as a competitor, mentor, and officer. Eesha is passionate about Bamboo’s mission and is excited to be joining the team this year!